About Us

About ESCS

ESCS is an industry leading business development consultant specializing in accelerating capital raising across verticals. ESCS has built its insights and strategies through decades of experience working with management teams and allocators. We understand the sales cycle to whom, where, and when to market a product. The firm has successfully been involved in helping build firms across ten core asset classes.

We understand marketplace dynamics.
The services we provide are designed to change the trajectory of your entire marketing process, raise capital faster, and increase productivity across verticals.

We’re long-term partners for our clients.
We specialize in outsourced capital raising for a selection of institutional asset management companies working closely with a small number of retained clients.

We’re scalable/adaptable to varying AUMs, asset classes & specializations.
We leverage our expertise, relationships, and partnerships to adapt and scale to your specific requirements; as storytellers, we’re focused on finding your unique selling points to build a compelling narrative.

“What fascinates us most about marketing is the power behind how a service is communicated and differentiated to consumers; ultimately it’s relative value….it is our passion to generate interest, create excitement, and to capture this ‘added value’ that often resonates with investors.”

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Edgar Strategic